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Pre-2020 there were two things equally as rare: COVID-19 and the 'Sold Out' badge on online cycling stores. You'll now unfortunately find both in abundance, with the latter following you around the site like your own shadow; plastered across product pages, category pages, and home pages alike.

The industry is in an unprecedented scramble for more product. But be careful what you wish for.

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Tim Jackson says Arkansas has recently passed two pieces of anti-transgender legislation that are not only hurtful and endanger transgender children and athletes, but they create a real crisis of conscience for the sport and industry of cycling in the U.S.

Jay Townley

As an analyst and observer of the American bicycle market and business for the past 60 years, I began to ask how you can have a Bike Boom when U.S. imports of bicycles were "not exceptional"?

Showers Pass founder Dave Morrow says the Biden administration intends to take on climate change in a substantial way.

Kendall Young, who owns a brand management company, says single-source supply chains are risky, as we are learning.

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A framemaker at the KHS Bike factory in Taiwan.

Sales rep Ted Schweitzer says the question is only partly rhetorical. He says domestic production would have many upsides.

SO 2013: Cannondale experimented with concept stores years ago.

Like them or not, brand-owned retail stores are here to stay, with Trek in a commanding position to lock in key markets nationwide.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (BRAIN) — The industry probably can't control when the current boom will end (although we'd all like to extend it). But it might be able to influence how it ends.

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The industry futurist says if the situation reduces inventory turns to unprofitable levels, that would be a glut to be concerned about.

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This is not a goodbye, rather an introduction to follow me in my new role as president of the National Bicycle Dealers Association.

Now more than ever retailers need to emphasize e-bike safety.

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As the market changes, so does the way suppliers and retailers interact.

Guess which is the rep.

A look at the differences between a sales rep and "an order taker."

The view from Australia? "If you thought supply was tight in the second half of 2020 then you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

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The one thing we know for sure is that nobody knows for sure.

Heather Mason

As the pandemic continues to surge in the U.S., we face another moment to rethink our daily personal life course and retail operations.

Dear Rick,

You said suppliers are getting fat and happy while shorting their retail channel partners. Maybe some are! Giant is not.

As retailers scramble to get enough product for 2021 and suppliers seek to increase their slice of pie, a new dynamic is emerging in the specialty retail channel.

Some shops have closed, and others are thinking about it. At first, I wondered, why? Haven’t we been in a bike boom? Then I started talking to the shops that are thriving to see what they are doing differently.


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