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Fujifilm is a pioneering name offering innovative products to a broad spectrum of industries & assisting everyday living with technologically advanced offerings that bring a difference in people’s lives.


Fujifilm - Brand collateral for strong promotional impact.

Fujifilm is a pioneering name offering innovative products to a broad spectrum of industries & assisting everyday living with technologically advanced offerings that bring a difference in people’s lives. The company operates on the underlying premise of standing apart in innovation through strong R&D and is committed to environmental stewardship to give back to the society & embrace good corporate citizenship. To describe the working & feasibility of their endoscopic ultrasound system, Fujifilm wanted a brochure design that reflects the working of the new endoscopic ultrasound systems, the hospitals that have adopted it and verdict of the doctors who have vouched for it. The core idea behind the brochure design was to promote the new medical equipment, describe its working & depict brilliance in the design.

Fujifilm engaged Branex to take off from the already present promotional strategy and tweak the collateral in a way that depicts a strong commitment to social responsibility, great obsession with quality & sports a minimalistic design that makes the procedures much more efficient and hassle-free.


To enhance the brand value and create deep understanding among target customers.


The Challenge

Team Branex was faced with a pressing issue at hand when designing a brochure for Fujifilm & that was to create an aesthetically pleasing design that portrays a plethora of important equipment information in a clear, concise and informative manner. The central idea was to promote the ultrasound system to doctors, hospitals and medical facilities by showing how the product can benefit them and how renowned doctors from all around the world endorse the equipment.

Since team Branex was provided with a lot of information regarding the product, its specifications & doctor’s reviews, it was then at our disposal to design a brochure that truly depicts the working of the ultrasound system, be used in medical exhibitions, events, conferences or even by sales rep to promote the newly introduced medical system & looks exceptionally eye-catching.

Strategy Proposition

Our team worked closely with Fujifilm to sketch out a brochure design that lays the foundation of continued product success. Branex’s branding experts brainstormed a plethora of ideas to come up with a design that embodies the true essence of the product, complies with the medical board standards and looks brilliant. Our designers proposed a couple of designs to Fujifilm for them to choose from. Team Branex kept an open dialogue with the client to take their opinion in account throughout the design process. After a series of tweaks, a brochure design was finalized which sported a minimalist design, included important equipment specs in a concise manner and bore a captivating design that catches user attention.

Minimalist Design

At Branex, our specialty lies in fine-tuning client’s requirements with our year’s long industry expertise & come up with a final product that is eye-catching & serves the intended purpose. This project was no exception. Fujifilm’s brochure design was proposed keeping two things in mind. First, it should include important specs of endoscopic ultrasound system & doctor endorsements that doesn’t come off as too much information instantly. Secondly, it should grab attention of the reader at a glance. This is what we ensured in Fujifilm’s brochure design that the brochure is easy to comprehend, concise & a true torchbearer of the brand and its offerings.

The brochure for Fujifilm sports a stunning design, portrays the equipment in the best manner & powerful enough to be leveraged as an important brand collateral that is ought to bring a difference.

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